Sexual and reproductive Health & Economic empowerment Supporting Out of school Adolescent girls’ Rights and Skills
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Status: Ongoing

Improve access to Sexual and Reproductive Health

The SHE SOARS aims to improve access to Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) services for adolescents, particularly out-of-school adolescent girls, in Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia, and support the realization of these rights.
Out-of-school adolescent girls are consistently left out of traditional adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) programming, are difficult to reach, and often have the greatest need and least access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services.

Intervention Sites

The chosen intervention sites of this project in Uganda are refugee host communities representing locations where the benefits of domestic legal advancements on SRHR and related health system strengthening interventions have not yet reached young people. We are specifically implementing this project in: Arua city – 4 sub counties (Adumi, Dadamu, Oluko, Pajulu) and Madi-Okollo – 16 sub counties (Offaka, Inde Town Council, Okollo Town Council, Okollo Subcounty, Pawor, Rhino-Camp Town Council, Rhino-Camp subcounty, Rigbo, Anyiribu, Ewanga, Inde Subcounty).

Create and enabling environment for ASRHR

The project targets Out-of-school girls aged 10-19 years old with thematic areas on Create and enabling environment for ASRHR, Strengthen ASRH Service Provision & Health Systems and supporting the national and regional ASRHR policy advocacy and public engagement.

The project focuses on increasing the use of sexual and reproductive health services, such as information on Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), access to contraception and menstrual health management; Improving the delivery of sexual and reproductive health services that respond to the needs and desires of adolescents, particularly girls and providing training and resources to women’s and girls’ rights organizations to advocate for evidence-based, accountable and equitable health and rights’ policies, legal frameworks, and services.