About Us

We are pioneer of adolescent health program in Uganda

We are teens since 1994

Naguru Teenage Information and Health Center (NTIHC) was founded in 1994. However, since 2004, NTIHC main funding partner has been the Swedish embassy.

It is the pioneer program in providing adolescent sexual and reproductive health services in Uganda, and has continued to provide these services to young people within the age bracket of 10-24 years, for free at no cost at all. Some of the services provided include, general medical services, counseling services, HIV testing, Condom distribution, antenatal and postnatal services, family planning, and so on.


Young people are empowered in their sexual reproductive health and rights.


To promote access to quality, friendly, responsive sexual and Reproductive Health Services, rights and information for adolescents and young people.


To increase understanding, access to, and utilization of quality, friendly, and responsive SRH services and rights among the Young People.


Our Professional Growth

Provision of Youth Friendly Services
Behavior Communication

Our Core Departments

We are advocating for and promoting access to quality Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Services, confidentiality, gender, a right to choose, a right to evidence-based information to young people.
Service Delivery

Service Delivery

We focus on consolidating and expanding quality, friendly, and responsive SRH services provided to young people
Research, ICT, and Innovations

Research, ICT, and Innovations

We focus on operational and collaborative research to generate, share and utilize information
Health Systems Strengthening

Health Systems Strengthening

We design and strengthen high-quality, data-driven health facilities, and community health systems.

Our Partners

Our partners include governments, civil society organisations, faith communities, faith-based organisations, businesses, academia, and more.