Scale up

NTIHC remains concerned about the many adolescents and young people in Uganda with limited access to SRHR information and services. The health system itself continues to be challenged by the huge demand for healthcare, amidst shortage of supply, particularly shortage of human resources, medicine, and even space for services delivery. These are some of the factors that demotivate health seeking practice among adolescents and young people.

To achieve this objective, NTIHC works to make services accessible in more public health facilities as well as supporting the facilities to provide quality services. NTIHC continued to work with 31 public health facilities in central region districts in Uganda, as well as building capacity of other non-project public health facilities, CSOs, and private provider facilities in the region.

The support provided to government facilities basically relates to creating an enabling environment which attracts young people to access services at the facilities. This may include establishment of youth friendly corners in some cases otherwise, in most cases the package includes;

  1. Capacity building through trainings and supportive supervision of health workers to ensure that they have the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to attend to young people 10 – 24 years.
  2. Provision of IEC materials about adolescent health issues
  3. Provision of audiovisual materials to support delivery of accurate health information to young people
  4. Training and facilitation of peer educators to support delivery of youth friendly services at the facilities