ASRHR Project

ASRHR Project

ASRHR Project is our flagship  program fully funded by the Embassy of Sweden. This project aims at empowering young people in adolescent sexual reproductive health and rights. All our major activities are implemented under this project and they range from service delivery, BCC, advocacy, capacity building

Our target

  • Objective 1: Best practise. To provide excellent youth friendly SRH services at Kiswa health centre and in the surrounding community, and share best practices with practitioners by providing them with practical learning opportunities
  • Objective 2: Scale up. To expand and improve youth friendly SRH services in selected public health facilities by providing material and technical support
  • Objective 3: Promote ASRHR. To increase awareness, understanding and acceptance of young people’s SRH rights and advocate for a more enabling environment for ASRHR.


Activities under ASRHR Project

Medical Diagnosis & Treatment

HIV Testing Services

Community Outreach

Health education sessions

Condom distribution

IEC materials distribution

Toll free counselling

Psychosocial support through clubs for young people

Scale Up activities

Media Advocacy

Engagement with Parliamentarians

Operationalization of DICAHs

Contact Us

Office:   +256 393 216467 / +256 751 216467
Program Director:      +256 752 000 522

Our mission

To advocate for the and promote access to quality Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Services, confidentiality, gender, a right to choose, a right to evidence-based information to young people.

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