Capacity Building

Since 2015, NTIHC has strategically conducted advocacy and mass sensitization activities throughout the country to increase awareness and promote the provision of ASRHR services. NTIHC’s work is centered on influencing policies at local and national level, by engaging with local government officials, central government through government ministries and departments, and through engagement with parliamentarians to influence policy decisions towards improving ASRH. 

Our capacity building and development initiatives aim at establishing and strengthening youth friendly responsive services for SRHR of young people. These initiatives include technical support supervision, trainings, mentorship and coaching and provision of a practicum site for practitioners of ASRHR.

Capacity building support helps selected public health facilities to integrate YFS program in the facilities. It involves provision of material support and technical skills development for health workers and peer educators, as well as engaging local government (through district health department), to support YFS program. Health workers are trained, and they are further offered on job mentorship after training and, 1 round of support supervision was conducted. IEC materials and other assorted promotional materials including calendars, water bottles, diaries, wrist bans among others are also provided to each of the facilities to enhance demand creation as well as dissemination of information and education messages to young people. The capacity building package continued in all the 24 health facilities in 8 districts in central region.

The facilities include: 

Gomba (Kanoni HC III, Bulwadda HC II, Mpenja HC III)
Butambala (Bulo HC III, Gombe Hospital, Kitimba HC III)
Mpigi (Mpigi HC IV, Muduuma HC III, Buwama HC III)
Wakiso (Kasanje HC III, Namayumba HC I HC IV, Nsangi HC III)
Nakaseke (Biddabugya HC III, Semuto HC IV, Kikamulo HC III)
Luwero (Butuntumula HC III, Zirobwe HC III, Nyimbwa HC IV)
Mukono (Kasawo HC III, Nagojje HC III, Kyabalogo HC III, Kyabalogo HC III and Kojja HC IV)
Kayunga (Ntenjeru HC III, Kangulumira HC IV)