This department focuses on ways to promote sexual and reproductive health and rights for young people in Uganda as a whole

It covers raising awareness and understanding of rights among diverse target groups (e.g. the general public, young people, service providers, government), as well as raising understanding of government policies, service standards and guidelines related to young peoples’ health particularly SRHR. Keen interest is also given to how SRHR for young people can be improved through actions such as policy reform, improvements to health systems, and the financing of ADH and ASRHR services and activities. 

At NTIHC, we value partnerships and collaboration thus our work is supported by and often done in partnership with government ministries especially the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development (MoGLSD) and Ministry of Education and Sports. In addition, NTIHC has well established relations with a number of development partners, CSOs and including NGOs, CBOs, FBOs, PNFPs, Corporate bodies and individuals.